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Good Morning

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Grandma's ABC Book
July 2004

A    Is for the Applesauce that Grandma gives to you
B    Is for the Books she reads, you heard them as you grew
C    Is Cookie dough she makes whenever you are there
D    Means Donuts she will buy, one each seems very fair
E    Is great for Everything you love about her house -
       She hugs and kisses you so much, just like a tiny mouse
F    Is Fun you always have when playing hide and seek-
       You go behind the curtains and hide so she can't peek
G    Means going with Grandma to the parks and swings and slide,
       She's too big to go on them but watches you with pride
H    Means Happy birthday cake and that you're getting older
       She helps to blow the candles out, they burn until they're colder
I    Is favorite Ice cream which she'll give you in a cone -
       And there is more because she knows you'll never eat alone
J    Could be for Jonah who was swallowed by a whale
       Do you think that you could ever grab him by the tail?
K    Has got to be a Kite that billows in the sky
       Don't you wish you could hold on and fly? So do I!
L    Is such a Lovely thought; it stands for lots of love
       That's something that your family knows we sure have plenty of
M    Is happy Music and it makes you want to sing
       And it's OK to dance along and swirl a Highland fling
N    Is for Nighttime, sweet dreams and restful sleep -
       As you quietly slumber, there's not a single peep
O    Means Open many doors, for life is not a closed room
       It wants you filled with happiness and keeps away the gloom
P    Is Peanut butter which you love with bread and jam
       It sticks a lot inside your mouth, perhaps you should have ham
Q    Is for a castle, all complete with King and Queen
       See the crown atop her head and watch the diamonds gleam
R    A Rigger truck or pretty doll would be a lovely gift
       Or maybe an erector set to give your toys a lift
S    Means good old Summer time with swimming and ball games too
       You'll want to be a part of it; can I come along with you?
T    You could go Traveling soon and get to see so many places
       Other children, just like you, with different looking faces
U    Is Up the stairs you have to climb to Grandma's place
       She'll be there to greet you, for that's her own home base
V    Are healthy Vegetables which we know you have to eat
       It's OK if you skip a few, like broccoli or beet
W    Is the Windows that we open up to see
       What a world awaits you there, free for you and me
X    Might be an X-ray, when the doctor sees your bones
       Don't worry, you'll be fine and I'll promise ice cream cones
Y    Is You yes you're the one who always makes us smile
       And if you ever need something, I'll even walk a mile
Z    Is just a Zebra and you'll find him in a zoo
       Let's go visit, I'm now ready to go there with you.

Grandma/Great Grandma Anne

June 2004
A daughter brings sunshine, hope and a prayer
You see the rays shining and know she is there
Away fly my troubles and thoughts of despair
She is here by my side, funny and beautiful
She takes things in stride
And balances life with her husband by her side
Don't forget her children who fill her with pride
She will also be there, at their side
Don't know what the years hold
I'll just wait and see
Her warmth spills out to everyone
Her spirit is free
My cup runneth over to have her near me.

Mama's Watching Over You
July 2004

Don't feel blue, don't get depressed
Put your mind at ease and rest
Even when sad days accrue
Mama's watching over you.

Shirk those times that often come
Walk them off or even run
Good things follow and it's true
Mama's watching over you.

Just remember, it's a fact
She makes up where others lack
Ever present as you grow
Your Mama's watching over you.


Have A Great Day
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