Lady Luck

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We Are Special And Unique
March 2002

You're surrounded by people wherever you go
And no two are ever the same
Even though twins may appear they're alike
They are just as unique as their name
Each human is different
We start out at birth
Developing our character and style
And if you were lucky to have had lots of love
And some guidance was shown all the while
Then you've learned to be kind
To respect every being
To search for the goodness in others
The greatest of teachers will usually be
Our very own fathers and mothers
It's a gift you've received and you must pass it on
As you wind through your daily life's course
You must give what you can and try helping each man
And in doing so, you've found the source
Doesn't matter what's done, for you've given your best
Which makes you so special and unique
You'll be filled with self-esteem as you follow your dream
And you reach up to the highest peak
Be strong and be proud and tell others out loud
That you're there for whenever they need you
They can learn much from you and you've fulfilled a goal
For the future of those who succeed you.


Happy Birthday Grandson
April 2002

Today is sunny hot and nice
no sign of hail, snow or ice
But in April of nineteen seventy-five
the sunny days took a dive
A four day blizzard with snow that morn
is when you decided to be born
Your mom sweated it through and she really hurt
but one look at him and she knew his worth
Grandpa and I were there to see
my first born grandson meant to be
Throughout the years I have watched him grow
and he proudly has that inner glow
He excelled in running and did great in school
and served his country by the golden rule
Now he is working diligently
and few have come as far as he
He still excels at what he tries
and deservedly got himself a prize
A beautiful condo to own and enjoy
we love you Grandson
now a man not a boy!

With Love From Grandma Anne

Advice To Children Before Marriage

Cooking and cleaning is not only womens work
Be ready to say "I'm sorry"
Hurtful words stab more than weapons
Ask advice or opinions of each other
Show no disrespect for each others family
Save money together and jointly agree on bills
Do not pressure each other on any issue
Do not let small issues catapult
Say "I Love You" often
Sarcasm is never amusing
Keep up relations with the family
Save some extra money on a regular basis
Listen to children and notice their problems
Read to them often
Get out alone at least one night a week
Fill your hearts with a capacity for love
Remember your heritage
Record special events

January 2006

They come in all different sizes and colors,
personalities and backrounds.
Some are controlling, some are outgoing.
Others are meek, and some very sleek.
We start out dependant on them,
and they may end up dependant on us.

There are moms who fulfill all their hopes
and dreams and then there are moms whose
dreams and aspirations are lived through
the lives of their children.

Most moms become grandmas who spoil their
grandchildren. They're allowed to do this
because they were moms already and survived!
Others lose touch with their children and are
very much alone.

Sometimes life is hard and seems very unfair.
Moms die young or in their prime.
Others become old and sickly.
Some go quick and some linger on and on......

Many moms are career moms,
while others labor at home.
Some are great cooks or bakers of cookies,
while others are artists, musicians or
needlepoint masters. We emulate them in
various ways and even pick up habits they'd
rather not pass on.

But no matter what the mom -
they all need love, affection,
prayer and forgiveness.
Young and old, big and small,
rich and poor, they're moms!

May they be as special to us as they are to God.
For in their wombs, we were all fearfully and wonderfully made.

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