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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas
December 1960

That time of year has come again
Of hurrying gals and rushing men
And people seem to feel once more
That life is full; worth living for
It's true that folks seem nicer when
They see the snowfall, hear a hymn
Watch kids faces light with glee
As Daddy trims the Christmas Tree.
And yet they're sober, thinking too
Of poor and helpless people who
Don't have the blessings that we share
With our beloveds; just a prayer
So whether this holiday's mine or yours
I share with you the joy that pours
From all good hearts this time of year
I wish you Merry Christmas and happy cheer.
Christmas Time
December 18, 1972

I cannot read the stars for signs
I only know in this heart of mine
That next Tuesday is a day that's meant
Because it seems so heaven sent -
It's Christmas time, a time of faith
A time to move and not to wait
A week that ends these hectic years
When you have known such terrible fears
A new year dawns soon after then
It's destined to be the year when
you'll feel so good, so strong, so free
You'll know that things were meant to be
And through it all, the thing that counts
Is my love for you in the greatest amounts

Christmas Hearth
Christmas Poem
December 25, 2005

A wreath, a duck, an antique clock
Unsilenced with its own "Tic-Tock"
A candle giving friendly light
And embers glowing within sight
The presents sit beneath the tree
This scene is there for you to see
As logs burn brightly, we can say
"We love our Christmas holiday."

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