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Dearest Mother
May 14, 1961

Dearest Mother ~
Another year, where has it gone? They seem to go so fast
And somehow in this crazy world, not many things can last
But thinking of you, Momma, as I do most every day
I know that certain things don't change
As life goes on its way
Love, duty, and obligation, these are merely phrases
Unless to certain people, they fall into their places
The first word; Love - means so much in many different ways
The love you gave me as a child; your understanding praise
Without you I am nothing, and if people ever say
That I am good or nice or such, it's you that showed the way
Duty is a fine word, and many claim its right
But how many are there like you that cared both day and night
You gave me sense, you showed me how to be a useful "mench"
Even when life's cruel tricks had tried to throw in a monkey wrench
Obligation? No such thing, you weren't obligated to raise me
You did what your heart knew you must, though some said, "Don't be crazy!"
You have much depth of wisdom that can't be found in others
You're one in a million, God's true jewel, in this whole world of mothers
Please never feel that you are alone and that no one will care
We loved you then and more so now, our lives with you are what we share
Though once a year I write you poems when it is Mothers Day
My love is here the whole year through, and it will always stay
With love from your eldest daughter, (and her husband and your grandchildren).

The Maternal One
In honor of my mother, Ida
1902 - 1985

She was so bright and sassy
A lady through and through
From humblest beginnings
Who searched for something new
An immigrant from Europe
Attempting the good life
Chicago beckoned her to live
where she became Sams' wife
My memories of childhood
The sweetest days I've known
Her sharing, caring, loving ways
Unchanged as I had grown
Always giving sound advice
Then crushed by early widowhood
Though poor and struggling daily
She provided the best she could
Ever loving, opening doors
To all who were in need
Such humor and great cooking
She was the best indeed
She sang, she danced and aided
So wisely answering quests
Challenging her children
To face lifes hardest tests
Ever humble, never far
From our hearts and minds
Leaving eight great-grandchildren
As her legacy behind
My lovely and sweet Mama
Not a single day has passed
That all your wondrous loving ways
Survive and strongly last
You helped to set the standard
Of motherhood and pride
I know that God in all His love
Has Ida by His side.

A Prayer To Mother
September 16, 2002

Though we are separated in this solemn hour
I can still feel your presence and your power
So easily I recall your guidance and your love
Watching over me in childhood; a beacon from above
Anxious for my happiness, mindful of my needs
Enabling my heart to strive to fulfill wondrous deeds
The lessons you imparted will remain with me forever
Your spirit, hope and kindness make me worthy of endeavor
If I ever failed to show my deep appreciation
Please forgive me, for you are the embodiment of our nation
You inspired me and others with your spirit and your zeal
My noble, intelligent mother, with your beautiful appeal
And when my days are ended and I stand before my Maker
I will be reunited with you, worthy of the taker. Amen

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