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If I Had My Life To Live Over

I'd dare to make more mistakes
Next time I'd relax
I would try to limber up
I would take fewer things seriously
I would climb a mountain
I would learn to swim upstream
I would try more exotic foods
I would have fewer problems
I could enjoy irrational moments
I would love just as much
I'd live one day at a time
I would dance barefoot more often
I would pick more daisies
And I would ride more merry go rounds

What Good Am I?
July 9, 1973

What good are my eyes
If I cannot see the frailties in every man
What good is my mind
If I don't think things out as clearly as I can
What good would be my mouth
If I did not speak out what I thought was true
What good are these arms
If they cannot embrace the likes of every one of you
What good are my legs
If I cannot walk humbly before my Lord
What good is my heart
If I cannot love without becoming bored
What good are my ears
If I do not listen to another mans cry
If I cannot do all of these, God,
Then what good am I?

A Life To Share
July 1996

I find when my mind start to dwell on the past
Impressions of sessions indelibly cast
Of family friends and the shadows of those
Who whirled though my life and remain ever close
My grandmas and grandpas who helped set the pace
To heed and to heal and look life in the face
My father so handsome and soon Heaven sent
Just when this, young teen-ager needed his strength
And mama left poor, somehow carrying us through
Making the gray days seem sunny and blue
Auntys and Uncles and cousins galore
Sharing and bonding with their open door
A husband, a wedding, a shattered wine glass
A tune that we danced to, triumphant in brass
Four children, two decades, that's all that it took
Dissolving a marriage that played by the book
Then God sent another, my second time chance
And twenty years muttered that loving romance
But fate laughs at planners and plays us the fool
It's part of God's plan, yet it all seems so cruel
My "Golden" years here now; time to reflect
Have faith in all blessings and evils reject
To kiss all the faces of those whom I love
My kids and their kids, heaven sent from above
I thank God daily for blessings bestowed
And pray that I've carried my share of the load
If there were a moral to leave them, I'd say
Be good to all and send out love every day.

Autumn Trees
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