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Message To Our Youth
Date Unknown

So you wish to spark your imagination?
Just turn your thoughts to this generation
Of older people who wish to stay young
Of youngsters who continually seek songs yet unsung
Of love and of wars, both claimed and both sent
Of poor folks who cannot eat well or pay rent
Of Whites and of Yellows, of Blacks and of Reds
Who seem to be somehow just losing their heads?
For every step in which they seem to gain
They fall back three filled with anguish and pain
Our Country is young with so much for it going
The Years that we face can be vital and growing
Cast aside grievances and such pettiness
Life is too SHORT to create such a MESS
This land's a great one; it was from the beginning
We're always seeking new horizons and winning
The only message here is that Youth must make mistakes
But by the time we're older we should have what it takes
We reflect a giant shadow for our Youth to follow
Have faith, give love, and then their lives will never be hollow.

White Rose
My Wish For You
December 1989

Dear Children -
My wish for you this new year:
When you are lonely, I wish you love -
When you are down, I wish you joy -
When you are troubled, I wish you peace -
When your life is complicated,
I wish you simple solutions -
When things are chaotic, I wish you inner silence -
And when things look empty, I wish you hope.
Love Always,

Flowers, Sparkling Stones and Butterflies
Words of Hope
August 2005

May the colors of this rainbow shine in your heart -
The angels bring comfort, they never depart.

We will never lose the battle on your behalf -
We will conquer each bad day and have the last laugh!

Our hopes and prayers go with you and our love is never-ending.

Sparkling stones and angels to guide you -
Their spirit will always be present inside you.

God walks close to you, always at your side -
To comfort and lead you, with Him you will abide.

There's not a moment in time when you are not in my heart.

Pink Rose

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