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October 2001

Try to name the 5 wealthiest people
in the world or the last 5 winners
in the Miss America competition or
10 people who have won the Pulitzer
Prize. Now name 3 friends who have
helped you through a difficult time;
think of a few who have made you feel
appreciated and special. The people
you will never forget are not the ones
with the most credentials, money or
awards. The people in your life
are the ones who care and they will
live forever in your heart.

Flower Power

Wonderful Life
December 2002

One of my favorite movies is "It's a Wonderful Life."
A man named George is shown what his life would have
been if he had never been born. I started thinking
how things would be if I had never existed. There
would be no Anne M, no Anne F, no Anna B. My parents
would have waited 12 years until their only child,
my sister would be born. They would dote on her and as
she grew, she would often wish that she had an older
sister to share things and moments with, but her life
continued on track. She still married and had 3 children,
but they would never have an Aunty Anne to confide in or
to share good times with. Both sets of grandparents would
have a tremendous amount of love to give to many
grandchildren but they would not have know little Anna,
who loved to sing and dance and write stories and poems
whenever asked. As the thirty's flew by, my best friend
Violet would not have shared her life with me for
twenty-four years. During the forties, I would not have
been a girlfriend to Frankie, Haskel, Willie, Tony,
Alvin, Herb and Fred. But now comes the worst scenario.
There would be no two daughters; there would be no two sons.
No grandchildren; no great-grandchildren. Therefore,
by not existing, I would eradicate the lives of numerous
family members who are wonderful, intelligent, witty and
embraced by others. Many in-laws would be living different
lives since their spouses would not present in this one.
Thus, I declare with God's help, that I do indeed stop to
smell the roses and am happy to have been born and lived.
After all, I sincerely believe -
"It's a Wonderful Life!"


Ida Koole And The Gang
April 1994

We were six women who faithfully came to Vegas twice a year for
twenty years. We had enough dreams, stories, and experiences to sustain
us until we returned. They called us "Ida Koole and the Gang." I was
the only one to make the move here seven years ago, but kept up with
them and looked forward to their visits.
Nothing lasts forever. Our leader, Ida, will be put to rest this week.
Her daughter told me that two decks of cards and a poker chip will be
placed somewhere in the casket; how apropos!
Ida always felt that coming to Vegas was heavenly. Pull that big lever kiddo.
I'll miss you.

Flower Power

Pre-Election Blues
November 2004

I've been bombarded from every side
Will it narrow my options or turn the tide?
First, all the messages on TV
If Bush approves, well it must be he
But wait, Kerry approves just as well
So which one means it? It's hard to tell
They are stumping away in all key states
They cross over paths and it all relates
Both wives and daughters have pitched in too
But nothing new was said they had no clue
Laura and Teresa, trying not to stress
They both want to live at the White House address
Security, taxes and medical care
Daily discussed, sometime, somewhere
Well, it's coming down to the final days
Both John and George won't change their ways
I'm undecided on the few key issues
May the best man win
Now pass the tissues!

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