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You are my angel
My guiding star
Your love is there
From near or far
Without you I could not resist
To do rash things as I exist
Your level head
Your fearless heart
Sustain me daily though apart.
I Love You Always
March 2006

There are flowery cards on the market-
But they can't show the beauty of you-
Nor the dozens of roses I could buy you-
Or a painting in oil someone drew-
I could hire a limo to drive you-
Going up to the highest bright star-
But no matter how much that it twinkled-
It would never outshine you, by far.
The First Born Child
July 1990

The first born child personified
Is raised in love and glorified
They are a seed, a branch, a tree
To grow and sow eternally
Please teach them well, these sapling years
To lead and guide and join their peers
And fairness must be drummed in too
Sixth sense will tell them what to do
Our earth needs leaders; women, men
To grasp and clasp and love again
To make decisions towards world peace
And have all hatred come to cease
God's love is in our hearts and veins
His presence lives, His glory reigns.

Betty Boop
Ida With The Laughing Face
November 1973

She takes a dark day and turns it sunny
The kindness she shows is worth more than money
She has such style and grace
That's Ida, with the laughing face
She's always busy and having fun days
She's even cheery on blue Mondays
She keeps a hectic pace
That's Ida with the laughing face
If you ever need someone to talk to
If you ever need a helping arm
Just stand up and you'll take a quick walk to
This lady who's loaded with charm
She's celebrating another year now
But she's never older, don't shed a tear now
Happiness has found a good case
In Ida with the laughing face.

To My Grandkids
December 1996

Please don't let life cheat you. You are only a victim if you permit yourself to be one. Get impatient with yourself - keep your dreams intact. If you're lucky in life you'll fall in love, get married, have a home and family. These are simple and fundamental facts. Everything in life is attainable and whether you strive for it vocally or actively, the only crime is stopping the attempts. Scan your options. Don't disregard some of life's most endearing qualities; a good book, beautiful music, education and proper attitudes toward your brethren. A cup of kindness goes much further then a large dose of cynicism. Let your emotional guard down sometimes. It's no crime to show humility and gentleness. Cry as well as laugh. Expect much and much will happen. Everyday is a new challenge; don't let negative forces fill your thoughts. Be your very own best friend. Ask yourself often, "If I were seeking a best friend, would I pick me?" You have a wonderful advantage. You come from strong stock; diligent elders who left their mark on you. Bring that continuation into your life by your attitudes, deeds and love. For if you cannot give love and share love then you will be an empty life. Escape that route and find inner peace. Vulnerability and softness can be very appealing.
Grandma Anne

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