Rose Reflection
Page 11
Dear Lord
September 1974

Don't give me riches and spare the wealth
Just give me kindness and much good health
A gratitude for my daily living
A heart that's filled with the joy of giving
Allow me, please, the pleasure pure
Of having love that's always sure
Surrounded by a family
And living in a country free
Grant me the wisdom to know just when
My help is needed for my fellow men
And never let me be too proud
To show emotions and shout out loud
I may not see the right from wrong
But keep me sane and keep me strong
So now, Dear God, another year
Has rolled around, but I don't fear
With your sweet guidance from above
My year will be filled with warmth and love.


God's Presence
April 1975

When I feel your presence, it's without
stained windows grand
I don't need a house of worship to reach
out my hand
For you touch me every day in many
splendored ways
Your beauty, love, are everywhere along
life's plan and phase
I see you in a blade of grass and rain
upon the sill
I only sorrow others do not bend and
have the will
I kiss my mother, cherish her, and let
you know I'm grateful
For each added year you give her and
keep her oh so faithful
I'm with my husband, feel him near
and know his love is there
Help me not abuse that love
but cherish it with care
But most of all, my children
Lord you really filled my years
You gave me four whom I adore through
laughter and through tears
And now, at last a grandchild
oh, how can mortals doubt
Your bountiful great goodness which we
cannot live without
The skeptics say sometimes You fail
but they face You I know
For they seek out the different signs
to cast their lives aglow
No riches, jewels or treasures ever
will or can replace
The peace I find, wherever I am
as I look into your face.

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Rose Reflection