Flowers and Butterflies

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College Graduation
April 1972

Staring through the darkness in the quiet of the night,
The guardian presence of the moon brought forth a ray of light,
I lay there thinking of you and I felt within me, pride.
The glow of your accomplishments, your victories outside.
The young may go and educate and take the years in pace,
But you, beloved sister, earned a very special place.
My conscious mind perceives the volumes of the books you read,
And how the magnitude of words absorbed within your head.
The days and nights of running and the tasks you left undone,
Reluctantly, for knowledge called, and you just had to run.
You reached out for a goal you had, and Al was there with you,
For we both know without him you would not have followed through.
The triumph of this moment stirs me totally, and yet,
Much greater moments wait for you in days that will be met.
And may I reap the benefits of sharing them with you, dear sis,
Thank you for inspiring me at a moment such as this.
Birthday Wish For You
June 1998

(Tune from "Matchmaker Matchmaker")
Ms Beverly, Ms Beverly
my wish for you
Is that you'll look half as nice
when you're eighty-two
And that I am there
as well as your mate
To help you to celebrate!
From Daddy, you got your height
and from Mama is where
you got your heart
But remember that this older sister
taught you to be so smart!
So, Ms Beverly, Ms Beverly
we here in this house
Your friends and your relatives
including your spouse
All love you and wish for you
in every way
The happiest of times
The happiest of years
The happiest of all birthdays.
July 2000

Twelve Already Miss Junior High
Where and when did the time fly by
I remember a loving child so cute
And innocent not one bit wild
A loving girl who danced and sang
Discovered the telephone it rang and rang
I know she hasn't changed much, she's still here
Doing her imitation of Brittany Spears
Laughing, story telling, chatting on the cell
Oh what a story that phone would tell
Loving her family doing her best
Studying even harder to pass a school test
I love her very much my beautiful
Great niece a soon to be teenager
Let her blessings increase
I know she will continue to play her stereo loud
but who cares
She continues to make us so very proud.
Auntie Anne
Boss Man is Bagel
March, 1994

We all know who the "Boss Man" is-
The one who runs the house.
He lets his presence known there-
Or he's quiet as a mouse.
His needs are very simple-
Good food and lots of rest.
And if Bev rubs his shoulders-
Well, then that's what he likes best.
He's fun to be with and challenging-
His lessons were taught well.
And since he's in my family-
I may as well just tell.
Red Rose
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