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Even As A Child
Smell The Roses
Why Are You Unique
Numbers Doubled
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If I Had My Life To Live Over
What Good Am I
A Life To Share
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Dearest Mother
The Maternal One
A Prayer To Mother
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Musings From Mother
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Dear Grandson
Happy Birthday - Thirty Four
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At Age Fifty
My 68th Birthday
This Year I'm Seventy Jingle
My 73rd Birthday
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God Shall Hear Me --
During the Communist Threat of 1961
War Time Revisited
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Merry Christmas 1960
Christmas Time 1972
Christmas Poem 2005
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We Are Special And Unique
Happy Birthday Grandson
Advice Before Marraige
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Grandma's ABC Book
Mama's Watching Over You
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College Graduation
Birthday Wish For You
Twelve Years Old
Boss Man is Bagel
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Dear Lord
God's Presence
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I Love You Always
The First Born Child
Ida With The Laughing Face
To My Grandkids
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Wonderful Life
Ida Koole And The Gang
Pre-Election Blues
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Message To Our Youth
My Wish For You
Words of Hope


In Memory of Anne  1929 - 2008

Pink Roses
Through the years, I would venture to say that I have composed hundreds of poems, letters, and sayings. The recipients have been family, friends, fellow employees, periodicals, and more. I have won a few prizes, even had a few poems published. But my greatest satisfaction has been the joy my poems have brought to many people. Here are a few of my writings, the others are scattered and hopefully not forgotten...


Red Roses
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Even As A Child
March 1999

They tell me, even as a child; I used imagination wild
To regale folks with stories bold; Perhaps of pirates and their gold
By eighth grade when my daddy died; I had to face the hurt inside
And so I wrote about his deeds; Which seemed to help to fill my needs
By high school, it just seemed the time; To always write things out in rhyme
So each time the occasion rose; Someone got my touch of prose
For birthdays, weddings; an affair; They'd read my writings everywhere
If organizations needed a skit; I'd create one in just a bit
No salaries earned, it was just fun; I jotted words down by the ton!
As a woman, mother of four; I wrote of tales, which they'd adore
And as they grew, so did my words; Spinning rainbows, bees and birds
Describing vividly with delight; The things that made them laugh all night
Well time flies by or so it seems; I've had my fantasies and dreams
There's so much left to do and see; But this year I'll be seventy
So as the circle came around; I've dreamt of being Paris bound
To see it's sights with pad in hand; And verse the beauty of the land
Create my scenes with flowing words; For my nest of loving birds
And as they grow, they'll show with pride; A book with my sweet poems inside
A family heirloom done by me; To last for all eternity.

Red Roses
Smell The Roses

Count your blessings everyone, as you hear the evening news
If you thought life's a failure then you'll surely change your views
A plane crash in a corn field, two children in a lake
How blessed we should feel with each daily breath we take
Mixed up men who beat their wives, and possibly do killing
Hold on to your values for the tragedies are chilling
Cling together as a group, make every day worth living
Love, respect and honor - then you'll know the joy of giving

Red Roses
Why Are You Unique?
Sanka Coffee poetry contest, second place winner, 1997

My life has had its ups and downs
I've dined with greats and laughed with clowns
But through it all I reached my peak
And found that I was quite unique
I helped raise foster children
And had four of my own at hand
They then blessed me with six more
The grandest grandkids I adore
We all do good and volunteer
And try to share our joys each year
Yes, I'm an original and would love to see
Others to share and love like me

Red Roses
Numbers Doubled
July 19, 1973

I first doubled numbers when I was 11
And thought at that time boys were angels from heaven
The next double age was my year 22
When I was already a mother of two
Eleven years laster I hit 33
I had three big kids and really felt free
So now I am going to double once more
Today is the day that I am 44
Four children are mine and I'm wiser in ways
I've lived at least half my life, good and bad days
I'll cast off misfortunes and smile, for sake's alive
I still want to be around at age 55!
(and 66, 77, 88, 99 and -----)

Red Roses
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